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This is Colorado Single Track.

Colorado Single Track is a group of Western Colorado Motorcycle trail riders that enjoy Western Colorado and Eastern Utah trail systems. We are a group of working men with families and jobs that try to get out and ride once a month. We are not an organized club, and do most of our riding in Colorado and Utah. We have been riding as a group for nearly fifteen years; some of us have known each other for more than twenty. We are always scouring our state looking for more and inviting, ever depleting, motorcycle trails. Single track, two track, desert and dual sport  jeep roads are what we ride, but single track is what we desire most. Colorado and Utah are truly blessed with abundant amount of single track that is still motorized, well maintained and some of the most scenic to be found.


The Dick Brass Trail System
and the technically, brutal -

"Five Miles of Hell"

Looking for a few extra parts?

Another great weekend of riding was only enhanced be taking a detour on the Five Miles of Hell.  Four hours later, with 7.9 miles of some of the most radical sandstone single track, that a times looks impassable, we accomplished the task without breaking parts or people. The Purple Trail has been closed, but an additional trail called VJ has been added. The rest of the trails are in great shape and dirt riders were plentiful. Had a good group of riders and the weather was perfect. Ride it before the heat arrives..