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March: Slick Rock, Moab Utah
We all meet Friday night and head out Saturday morning for Slickrock. We spent the day on Slickrock riding all the single track we could, then headed for Hells Revenge jeep road, finishing the day overlooking Castle Valley on the Porcupine Rim Trail. Sunday we headed for the new single track north of Moab, The Sovereign Trail. Ride With Respect and all that put in the time to get this trail in did a great job, and we all thank you. He had a great day riding the entire system and looping back through the riverbed back to the trailhead. Great loop, nicely done!

April: Westwater, Utah
Westwater is full of great single track. All types of different and entertaining riding. From camp chose any direction and take off. Tecno Trail is one of many different loops that test all parts of your riding level. We had so much fun last month we went back to the north side of the interstate and rode some long and fast single track there also. Westwater is always on the list for a ride on the run..

May: The Dick Brass Trail System, SRSwell Utah
Another great weekend of riding was only enhanced be taking a detour on the Five Miles of Hell. Leo was a great guide as usual, and the 5MOH was completed. Four hours later, with 7.9 miles of some of the most radical sandstone single track, that a times looks impassable, we accomplished the task without breaking parts or people. The Purple Trail has been closed, but an additional trail called VJ has been added. The rest of the trails are in great shape and dirt riders were plentiful. Had a good group of riders and the weather was perfect. Ride it before the heat arrives..

June: The Abajo Mountains, Blanding Utah
Unable to make this ride. Sounds like they found some great riding and want to go back. High desert and some great timber trails. Had some young guns on the trail that did a great job and had a good time, nice job Chris and Shane.

July: Sargents Area, Sargents Colorado
Unable to make this ride. I too have rode this area before and it is a good time. Agate Creek to the top and down into Poncha Springs is rocky with lots of creek crossings. Rainbow Trail is a good ride but watch out for those baby heads. Said they found a bunch of great trails west of Sargents and looking at Leo GPS routes they covered alot of area in the tree days of riding. Thanks for the maps Leo.. Did anyone take a camera????

Sept: Taylor Park, Taylor Park Co.
I did make this ride, but TP in September is a chance. We got rained on all night Friday and Sat morning. So went to Guni and had some fine Mexican food and headed for Hartmans Rock. WOW. What a great find just out of town in Guni. Rode some great single track, got rained on, climbed some interesting rocks, got rained on, and did forty miles in a half day. Sunday rode Fossil Ridge for a half day and headed home. AgSdLgCaCc

December: Baja, Mexico
Well a group of three signed up and made the trip, they did make it back and I was told it was a good time. Looking forward to the next time we meet up to get photos and info. If one of you would like to update me with an article and some photos it would be great. LgSdJ


Jason and Beezer thinking "I sure hope
these guys can read a map"!


Some great high country single track. Sargents & TCDivide


Scott and Beezer getting ready too
head out for the day.. Sargents


Proposed Winter ColoSingTrck Corp. meeting
in January. See you all there..


Jerbies after burning up another Kawi.
Rainbow Trail


Hot tub'en at Slickrock.. Moab


The Crew taking a rest. Sargents



Scotty on a creek crossing.  Sargents



 Beezer in the creek.  Sargents


Weekend at Sargents.  


Crew readyto ride.  Sargents 


Frank single tracking. Sargents