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This web page is always UNDER CONSTRUCTION.  Thanks for the visit and I hope this added some new and different ride ideas to your list.  It would be great to take everyone that emails me on these rides with us, but it's just not possible.  Keep checking back at times to see what's new.   If you have questions email me and I'll try to answer them for you.
Thanks and be safe. Andy Grange


Here's a blast form the past. Where is it?  Encampment Wyoming 1999 or 2000? I think.  Andy's first ride with the group.


Boys and fire, got to love it..


Remember the first day on the Rainbow Trail.


Hitting the trailhead. Rainbow


Overnight at the old ski lodge.  Did Jerbies get a tow from Brad that day??  Rainbow 


Day 2 was a much nicer day.  Jerbies got to see Bishop Castle and we got great fast single track..  Rainbow Trail.